Sunday, 5 April 2009

Too early in the morning to make sense


So i just remembered this time in A levels when this girl brought amala to school on her birthday. I'm not talking amala for herself- im talking amala as party food!! for everyone!! with ewedu!! haha- it was hilarious!!!

So please why do we discriminate against people with nigerian accents (i.e, yoruba and igbo accents)- I was trying to figure this out and my friend said 'well because English is the first language in Nigeria and if someone is speaking with one of these accents then they are razz.' Hmmm- i dont know about that because i didnt say that they cannot speak English- what if they speak English perfectly but they still have the accent- is it fair that they are immiediately chucked into the 'i will never be friends with this person box'
ps- for all the people that have absolutely no prejudices- im very proud of you!! but please dont write a long comment about your gift!!thanks.

Where did all the good books go? Sidney Sheldon why did you have to die? Chimamanda- book three??no?


Sunday, 18 January 2009

On Prostitution!!! Pleeease Comment!

So how do you guys think prostitutes should be seen?? do you think they have no choice..or do you think they are committing some offence..or is it a choice?

Reasons for your opinion please!


Saturday, 10 January 2009

Gist from the 234!

I'm BAAAAAAAAACk!! scream for JOY people!!!

so yeh wat happened in nig lets c..

Wait hold up self? What is it about the idiots that stop on the road to talk to you..i mean the ones that roll down their windows and shout stuff..or the ones that follow you slowly in the in WTF?? is it because i'm walking? You think im going to jump for joy at ur chrysler or camry? as in really? One of the most ridiculous ones was the guy that jus stopped, leaned out and shouted ' can i just have your number?'... talk about straight to the point!! How about that leaned out of his window and shouted 'is it a sin to tell you that you're fine?'

Now im complaining about the cars that stop. At least thats better than the street urchins that shout. The one that was singing 'i love the way ur walking' and all the ones that shouted variations of the word 'sexy'...I curse all the times i walked on the road without my in what the hell was i thinking?

Now that my rant is out of the way..
hows everyone???

So on the night of the first- i was at insomnia (mehn naija is deep o-clubbin till 7 o clock)..anyway it was my friends bday and that was her club of choice whats a girl to do. First of all i couldnt decide what to wear. threw on the first dress. it was a grey cotton one- very short but full sleeved- not tight-no ok nau! all my jd friends were like..yeh..nice dress..but my hater naija friends..'babes are u going out like that'..'shet ur naked'..etc..i turned to one and im like ' but dress is longer than yours'..what did she have to say? 'but mine is tight at the bottom'..schhheeew!.

Ok dress number two. bright red! tube, not as short as the first one- but too damn sexy..reaction 1-silence. reaction 2- 'shet mehn this babe u look like a slut' is it my fault that my body has slutty-looking usual, my jd babes were like-yeh its cool (ive rocked the dress here self)..anyhow i stuck to the grey thing one girl is like 'i would pay for your ass'..woah! it just came out of like just like riiite!!

So onto the club- i can hardly be bothered to leave my house so when i do-i have to have fuuun! so im dancing away and all- my friend- (lets call him Peter) came with his cousin who was feeling all familiar and saying stuff like ' you owe me a dance' im laughing and going 'yeh yeh-off course'.. anyhow Peter is sticking to me all noght- but its fair enough cos he's like my brother(ok thats a lie) but were tight. So at some point..were dancing on a chair (me and peter) and then i get on the floor to dance with another guy. After like one song, Peter CARRIES me.. yes-try and imagine!! CARRIES me back to the my mind im like 'oops-maybe now its time to acknowledge that my dear friend might like me..(there were other things, but story for another post)

Finally, im sitting down beside said familiar cousin and he leans over and says 'oh i forgot to say-than your mother'.
me- *blank look* what?
him- you dont know what that means?
me-err, nah!
him- well thank your mother sha-is he being serious??? was he in an American music video??

Anyways-ill come back and post some more later!! hope ur keeping your new yr resolutions u naughty nayghty people!!

DM-customs took the boy away!:(


Monday, 1 December 2008

How I got text

Friday nite..Blackberry is lying on her couch staring blankly at the rings..she reaches lazily to pick it up.. boy- hey..blablabla..u sound tired me-im not tired so basically we samll talk for a while..then i start to talk about child abuse in nigeria and how it makes me so mad bcos no one talks about it..then he asked me 'what do u define as abuse'..that really annoyed voice switched from tired to high and angry..then after arguing about the definition of rape and all that..he starts saying im overreacting and making things bigger than they are...anyway im like

me-can we continue this conversation later.
him-wat brought this on..wats all this about
me-can i just talk to you later

40 mins later- i call-he ignores

next day- i text

me-so are you like keeping malice with me?

...and i get this three page reply

him- no berry, i swear 2 God i was jst tinkin abt u wen ur msg cam in, bt i wont hav u kick me out n get me bak lik sum toy, u INDIRECTLY/LITERALY asked me to get off ur fone yest and dat was TOTALY uncald 4, i found it vry disrespectful, c'mon nw, we were jst havn a convasatn n a laf so wots wit d short fuse, wel, rili cant blame u much 4 it, its ma mistk/fault, no im no kipn malice with u dami 'n dat was quite funny' but i think i shld kip away b4 it gets any worse.

LOL..i was looking at the text at wrk like seriously???

ok-i know i always tell incomplete i'll start from the beginning. This was the guy that i met on fcebk(he saw my profile and asked my friend for my number). So basically-we start talking- he's 7 yrs he has two recurring as his baby, and disrespect. And this really freaky-he always referred to himself as my baby..errr..i know, i know, people tend to do this kind of thing-but if anyone is going to be the baby-its going to be me!!! Anyway-hes a nice person and not bad looking-but honestly-apart from the fact that he jumped straight into the whole 'u dont care about me' thing. We didnt have the mst fascinating im not lying when i say um- i dont care!!!

so yah-thats the story of how i got dumped by text!!


Sunday, 30 November 2008

To the idiotic anonymous person....

I do not want ignorant anonymous people commenting on my blog and when i can be bothered, im going to change the settings..if ur the idiot that made ignorant remarks about my music taste..the read this carefully..ur a dunce!! I dont write anything so that everyone has to agree. i accept that people have different opinions..but dont come to MY blog and tell me what my opinions are..

To all my blog family-new post about how i got dumped by text coming soon!! as soon as im dont fuming!!


Sunday, 23 November 2008


So its sunday.

What should i write about?

the fact the i LOVE dirty sexy money?

You know whats weird? were struggling for anonymity that it seems most of us dont actually want. People are actually quite quick to reveal identity..and its weird that the people that have never met you know you almost as well as you know yourself.

Its in that bid for anonymity that i created my other blog. Where i'm not as much of a joker. Where i say what i'm really feeling all the time!! Where i'm not always extremely happy. But in my desperate bid to hold on to my shreds of not going to say what it is!! hehe

Now back to my happy self..i fink my flatmate likes a boy!! Now this will be but she has NEVER had a boyfriend! never kissed a guy!! and..never admitted to liking anyone and ive known her for three years!! i think he likes her too! im so excited..but im burying my excitement so she doesnt scare away! i can write a whole post on my flatmate so ill just leave it there.

i waaant to like a booooy!! apply! when my friends are dying of jus feeling like bla!

Ok..i promise to stop writing such random posts!...soon


Thursday, 13 November 2008

My Maga don Pay

I cannot believe this. chilling in my room..reading my favorite mag- company-gidilounge playing naija music in the background(just discoverd the website..nxt thing..i was hearing like..uhn?? look at the name of the song..'maga don pay'..lyrics..'you can have anything you want, because my mage don pay'..'everyday, day and nite, my boys dey on system..not God don bless us'...'*my maga don pay..shout halleluyah..mugu don pay..shout halleluyah...halleluyah'....pls..spare a couple of mins and just listen to part of the song on youtube. I think it is the ABSOLUTE height of stupidity!! as in really!! I know some people may say im being uptight..its just a joke and all..but seriously??

I love my country..i really do..but how can i continue to defend it when ignorant people like this go around singing halleluyah because the mugu paid! gee!! i dont even know wat to say anymore..

*the idiot has paid