Sunday, 5 April 2009

Too early in the morning to make sense


So i just remembered this time in A levels when this girl brought amala to school on her birthday. I'm not talking amala for herself- im talking amala as party food!! for everyone!! with ewedu!! haha- it was hilarious!!!

So please why do we discriminate against people with nigerian accents (i.e, yoruba and igbo accents)- I was trying to figure this out and my friend said 'well because English is the first language in Nigeria and if someone is speaking with one of these accents then they are razz.' Hmmm- i dont know about that because i didnt say that they cannot speak English- what if they speak English perfectly but they still have the accent- is it fair that they are immiediately chucked into the 'i will never be friends with this person box'
ps- for all the people that have absolutely no prejudices- im very proud of you!! but please dont write a long comment about your gift!!thanks.

Where did all the good books go? Sidney Sheldon why did you have to die? Chimamanda- book three??no?



JustDB said...

LOL.. Tot u'd 'killed' this blog? Your friend strong o..... Amala and Ewedu? Which Levels???

Cappuccine Baby said...

Ok hold on.


ok I'm done.

Bibi said...

Lmao @ ewedu and amala. But the babe try now. Amala and ewedu is expensive o! As for the accent thingy, everybody has an accent. To Americans I have an African accent but to me they have an American accent. There is no right or wrong accent. Btw, thanks for stopping by mines

Black Berry said...

JustDB- i worry about the amount of time u spend on blogger o!

Cappuccine Baby- imagine seeing everything- infact tasting the amala

Bibi-yeh i know we all have accents that y i specifically said igbo and youruba- because funny enough people with hausa accents are fine!!love ur blog:)


blogoratti said...

'Too early in the morning uhn'...
i feel accents make the world go round,more or less!
Thank you for visiting mine's..

RocNaija said...

She was probably trying to be 'different'..
One of them kinda people that would rock an afro when everyone else is rocking a weave..

Begs the question though that if an Asian person served 'chinese' at his birthday, or a jamaican person does 'jerk chicken & rice' does it make them any less a.. wetin-call..?

Abujamaiden said...

I still have a few Sheldons more to read but he was like really old so he tried...My friends all love him!

As per accents, Its the same in America, many rural Americans who can't even speak English well look down on bilingual foreigners who went to good schools and speak Queens English though with 'foreign' accents.

I have friends who went through 'public' system all their life and speak better/ have no accents that some 'private school' friends who aced WAEC but h-factor has refused to disappear.

Abujamaiden said...

I can't email 'flabby' because I forgot my password:


LusciousRon said...

Ewedu and Amala? I can imagine the cruelty that would follow.
as for the accented English, its just a shame. Even employers do it.

Miss Definitely Maybe said...

why has your other blog gone private?
and why have I not been given an invitation to read it
im off to sulk
but before I go, what is amala and ewedu?

My World said...

Amala and ewedu??? say what?
I dont understand the whole thing about accent maself but we think its ok to have a british or american accent???
Great blog you got here.

Anonymous said...

chimamandas nu book jus came out..its called "the thing around your neck" u can get it on amazon....

Chi-Chi said...

hey first time here!!

LOOL I know
I also pity people that have accents but seriously you can't blame them ,

awww I know, all those book writers wonder what happened? !!

Anonymous said...

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